Private Practice With Soul™ Masterclass: Map 52 Weeks of Content and Stop Feeling Lost

Stop creating content that no one sees or converts!

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • how to plan your content strategy in a really easy way 
  • know exactly what to post / share about every week for the next 52 weeks (no more guessing and stressing)
  • be able to delegate your content mapping to a team member 
  • leave with a minimum of 5 ways to save yourself loads of time when it comes to sharing your message
  • how to smash the mental blocks that stop you from showing up and being seen by your perfect-for-you client
  • extra tips and tools that I haven't shared anywhere else, to help you get going

Imagine the feeling of finally seeing your content plan come to life!

  • Imagine clients booking in calls with you and telling you the reason they booked is because they feel like of all the therapists out there, YOU really 'get' them
  • Imagine perfect-for-you clients ASKING you if they can work with you?!
  • Imagine how good you'll feel seeing names in the diary that light you up because working with them actually energises you?!
  • Imagine never having to worry about your marketing again....

Here's what you get when you join

  • You'll leave knowing how to tackle those niggly mindset blocks that have stopping you from showing up
  • You will leave with a completed marketing plan AND marketing blueprint (all-in-one!) that you can easily implement this afternoon if you feel called
  • You'll leave with a tangible asset for your practice that you know works and that you can delegate to a team member to implement for you
  • Feel like, 'this was sooooo easy!' and wondering why you waited so long to do it :-)

Here's what to do next

  • Enrolling in the workshop is easy. Just tap the Buy Now button. 

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 Private Practice With Masterclass: Map 52 Weeks of Content for Your Private Practice
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