Private Practice With Soul™ Supervision Program

What happens after I sign up?

After you join today, a new window will pop up with my calendar on it. You can dive right in and schedule your sessions immediately. You'll also receive a welcome email with more information on getting started. My goal is to get you up and running as soon as possible xx

A Note About Your Sessions

You are purchasing 12 sessions and to help make this more accessible for you, I offer monthly payment plans. Each month, a payment is deducted (via a 'subscription') from the credit card / payment option that you nominate. It is your professional responsibility to ensure that you book in for the service each month and for this reason, once you enrol, you are provided with immediate access to my diary where you can go ahead and book your 12 sessions right away. There are no 'refunds' for un-booked sessions. I set aside time in my diary for a limited number of clients. 

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Payment Options

 Pay in Full - BONUS month
 $3,960.00 AUD
 12 Monthly Payment Plan
 $360.00 AUD  ( then $360.00 AUD for 11 months )
 6 Month Payment Plan
 $720.00 AUD  ( then $720.00 AUD for 5 months )
 3 Month Payment Plan
 $1,440.00 AUD  ( then $1,440.00 AUD for 2 months )
 Weekly Payment Plan Option
 $83.00 AUD  ( then $83.00 AUD for 51 weeks )

How do you want to pay?

Credit/Debit Card
No payment method needed.

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