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Private Practice With Soul™ is your soul-map to a successful-for-you private practice. I help Counsellors, Psychologists and Social Workers create successful private practices!


Your roadmap to success

Tired of the overwhelm and confusion? Feeling like you're stuck in the same old rut? Here you'll find everything you need to know about getting your private practice started and running successfully.

The Foundations of Private Practice

I'll teach you the basics of how to set up your own private practice; it's an introduction to building a successful business model based on what's important to you.

Energetics of Practice - The Foundation for Success

Learn how to develop a strong, positive mindset that will allow you to connect authentically with your clients and deepen relationships.

Create Your Practice - A roadmap that works for YOU!

Everything is laid out for you in an easy-to-follow guide so that you can find the perfect niche for your perfect clients, develop a successful business plan, create an effective marketing campaign, and choose the best location for your practice.

 Private Practice With Soul™ Podcast 

Available Products

Essential Forms for Private Practice Kit

A done-for-you-bundle of essential forms for private practice that you can easily and quickly edit to reflect your brand values and purpose and implement straight away. Save time, money and save your energy

Private Practice With Soul™ 3 Keys to Attracting Clients

Wouldn't it be great if you knew HOW to find clients, how to convert inquiries into bookings, how to create a steady stream of referrals, how to build your audience and how to run a private practice with more balance and in a way that truly aligns with your values? This is for you!

Private Practice With Soul Coaching Program

If you want to skyrocket your private practice in the shortest time possible, this is the program for you. Learn how to attract clients, charge what you're worth, manage time efficiently, and take care of yourself. This intensive coaching program gives you all the tools you need to run a successful private practice that's aligned with your values. Join now before all the spots are gone!

  • Comes with 12 60-minute coaching lessons 
  • Assessment of your business
  • Access to a cooperative Facebook community
  • Video tutorials to follow along with
  • High-touch support between sessions
  • Resources, education and information that's customised to you
  • Payment options

Private Practice With Soul™ Mentoring Program

You're a therapist, but you're tired of feeling alone in your practice. Join the hundreds of therapists who have relied on this program for mentorship to help grow their private practice and get off the sidelines.

It's not easy to make it as a small business owner, but it's even harder if you don't know the ropes. Working with an experienced professional will help you navigate your way through the ins and outs of starting and running a successful private practice. 

Private Practice With Soul™ Supervision Program

There is a whole world of power that lives inside you. It's time to bring it to life with Supervision. Join the many therapists who are now using my unique approach to Supervision as their key tool to advance their practice. With my work as a therapist and experience in supervision, I aim to help you find your balance and create a successful-for-you practice with the freedom and lightness you dream of. 

  • Comes with 12 50-minute supervision session
  • Bespoke assessment of your practice
  • Access to a cooperative Facebook community
  • Video tutorials and workbooks included
  • Weekly, monthly and annual payment options

Moon Works© Manifesting With the Moon in Private Practice

Here is where you'll learn a different approach to creating upward momentum in your practice by leaning into the energy of the moon phases and harmonising masculine and feminine energy. Includes journal.

Business Tarot & Oracle Reading for Your Private Practice

Think you have it all figured out? The Business Oracle Card helps you take your business to the next level. This powerful card reading provides you with insights as to your next steps in the business so that you can achieve your private practice goals. When we marry energetics with powerful business strategy, new approaches to creating success become possible. Use it with confidence and get back on track towards your dream life!

You can also find answers to your questions. Brooklyn Storme provides a business oracle card reading service that can help you with various aspects of your private practice. 


What do you want to know?

Whether it's an idea for a strategy, advice on improvements, or just looking for some clarity, I have the answer waiting for you! I use business cards as a medium to provide insight into your business and offer a personalized, affordable service.

How does this work?

Simply order now, submit your question and I will provide the insights for your practice!

Private Practice With Soul Success Hub: Mini Membership for Counsellors

Here's your affordable fast track to acquire the skills and knowledge you actually need to create a successful private practice (without relying on referrals, lowering your fees or spending your life on social media).

Get LIVE COACHING, ON-DEMAND TRAINING, Tools, Templates & 24h support  For Only $7/MONTH

Private Practice With Soul: Inner Circle: Main Membership for Counsellors

Skip years of trying to figure out the next step and learn how to apply universal laws, energetic frameworks, oracle cards and inner guidance to create an aligned private practice. This is the main membership for Counsellors in private practice that want to integrate spiritual practice with their private practice and bring it into alignment.


Fully Booked Private Practice Planner

Stop winging it when it comes to marketing and create an easy-to-follow plan instead.

Therapist-tested and approved! 

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